Gifts that will keep Mom entertained past Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day in the U.S. is on Sunday, May 14, which is right around the corner. The moms in your life may tell you that they don’t want a gift, but would they turn one down? Probably not. It’s important to recognize their around-the-clock efforts, so on this national day of recognition, give some of your time to a mom or moms who’d like to hear from you or see you, and maybe snag them a fun gift, too.

If you happen to be shopping online, we’ve put together this list of gift ideas that can arrive in a matter of days. It was developed thanks to suggestions from several Polygon staffers, some of whom know very cool moms who like anime and video games, which makes shopping for them super easy. But let’s be real: Most of our moms aren’t that simple to shop for. We hope that these ideas help you out a little bit.

This was a show that turned the supervillain Electro into a walking eel, reinvented the Green Goblin as a hero with an accent I would describe as “Mexican Dracula” (read: I can’t make up my mind as to whether it’s ridiculous or offensive or both), and ends with a cliffhanger so abrupt you’ll think the power went out. This was Spider-Man Unlimited.

Spider-Man Unlimited was meant to be the follow-up to the beloved 1994-1998 animated series, a pillar of the animated superhero boom heralded by Batman: The Animated Series and X-Men. A big part of these shows’ success was in their ability to tell complex all-ages stories that stayed true to the spirit of their source material in spite of aggressive censorship and a difficult production environment. Spider-Man Unlimited was… different.

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