The D&D movie directors say fans ‘deserve’ a beholder in the seque

WithWith Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves now available for home rental, the logical question is what comes next. Fans of the first movie are wondering whether a sequel is in the works, given D&D’s usual mode of serial adventures, with the same characters taking on steadily more elaborate challenges. Could Honor Among Thieves become a franchise or a series? Polygon talked to the movie’s directors and co-writers, John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, about whether they’re hoping for a sequel, what form they’d want it to take, and when fan favorite Drizzt Do’urden might finally make it to the screen.

Edgin the Bard (Chris Pine) backs up against a wall in a panic as a displacer beast corners him in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves
Image: Paramount Pictures
Daley says Honor Among Thieves’ unusually positive reception from both critics and viewers cements one thing about a possible sequel: he and Goldstein would continue to explore the comedic elements of fantasy-adventure.

“[The response] verified all the things we suspected would hit with audiences, and [a sequel] would allow us to lean into those things,” Daley says. “There was a certain trepidation among all parties, when we were gearing up to make this thing, about whether the fact that we lean into the humor would undercut or hurt the stakes of the film. I think [the release] definitely validated what we expected, which was, ‘No, humor would in fact, help bolster the stakes.’ You have these characters that are relatable, and are able to comment on their circumstances in a fun, humorous way. I think this helped bolster the idea that this is the right tone, and the right path to be headed down.”

Goldstein says there are a few elements fans would likely expect in a sequel: “I think probably the owlbear would make a repeat appearance, because that’s certainly a favorite,” he says. “I think a lot of people on social media were hungry for a beholder, and they probably deserve a beholder if there’s a sequel. But beyond that, it’s all really just gonna come from what’s what’s the most compelling story to tell.”

That said, the directors don’t have specific plans for a sequel yet. “It was never our intention when we came on board this film to make a franchise,” Daley says. “I think that would cloud our ability to focus entirely on the film at hand. The cardinal mistake many studios make is to put the cart before the horse, where they start crafting a cinematic universe before they even make a good single film. So first and foremost for us was getting this right.”

That’s a refreshing attitude in a world where studios keep forgetting to start small and build a fandom organically, instead of trying to kickstart a 10-year mega-blockbuster plan with every new movie. But of course the directors are thinking about where they’d like to see these characters go next.

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