Here’s how the Asus ROG Ally’s specs compare to the Steam Deck

The Asus ROG Ally is a beast of a portable gaming PC, containing the AMD Z1 Extreme, the most capable processor to be put inside of a handheld yet. Whether you dig its made-for-gamers aesthetic or not, the $699.99 ROG Ally is full of eyebrow-raising specs and features that set it apart from its biggest competitor, the Steam Deck.

There’s a lot that sets the ROG Ally apart from its competitors, which of course includes more than just the Steam Deck. In addition to its fast processor and RAM specs, it is, to my knowledge, the first handheld to feature a faster UHS-II microSD card slot, allowing faster transfer speeds than its competitors. Also, it runs Windows 11 software out of the box, not Linux, like the Steam Deck does by default. Now, that’s not entirely novel, but it ensures that the ROG Ally will be compatible with more games, whether they’re on Steam, PC Game Pass, or on the Epic Games Store.

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