Lord of the Fallen Preorder’s $250 Collector’s Edition – A Must-Have for Fantasy Gaming Enthusiasts

Prepare to step into a dark and mysterious realm, where ancient evils and epic battles await in the highly anticipated action RPG, “Lord of the Fallen.” As the game’s release date draws near, fans have a unique opportunity to immerse themselves even further into its immersive world with the extravagant $250 Collector’s Edition. Developed by CI Games and Deck13 Interactive, this limited-edition offering promises to elevate the gaming experience for ardent fantasy enthusiasts and collectors alike. Let’s explore what makes the “Lord of the Fallen” Collector’s Edition a must-have for dedicated fans.

The World of “Lord of the Fallen”:

“Lord of the Fallen” is a gripping action RPG that transports players to a world on the brink of oblivion. Set in a dark and ominous realm, the game features Harkyn, a convicted criminal with a complex past. Tasked with battling monstrous creatures and formidable foes, players must navigate a challenging world where every decision carries profound consequences.

Drawing inspiration from classic fantasy tales, the game delivers an enthralling narrative, rich lore, and diverse character development options. With its intricate combat mechanics and breathtaking visuals, “Lord of the Fallen” promises to captivate the hearts of fantasy gaming enthusiasts across the globe.

The Collector’s Edition: A Bounty of Treasures:

The “Lord of the Fallen” Collector’s Edition is tailor-made for dedicated fans who yearn for more than just the digital experience. Priced at $250, this limited-edition offering boasts a bounty of exclusive treasures that elevate the game from a mere video game to a treasured collector’s item.

  1. Exclusive Steelbook Case: The Collector’s Edition comes encased in a stunning Steelbook featuring original artwork that beautifully captures the game’s dark ambiance. This sturdy, eye-catching case is sure to find a place of honor among any gaming collection.
  2. 12-Inch Hand-Painted Figure: Enthusiasts can proudly showcase their love for “Lord of the Fallen” with a meticulously crafted 12-inch hand-painted figure of Harkyn. This highly detailed collectible immortalizes the game’s protagonist in all his armored glory.
  3. Official Soundtrack: Delve deeper into the world of “Lord of the Fallen” with the game’s official soundtrack. Composed by renowned musicians, this immersive soundtrack sets the mood and tone for every epic encounter.
  4. Cloth Map: Unravel the mysteries of the game’s world with an intricate cloth map that showcases key locations and landmarks. This unique and tactile addition allows players to immerse themselves further into the game’s lore.
  5. Artbook: Delight in the visual splendor of the game with an artbook featuring breathtaking concept art, character designs, and illustrations that provide a glimpse into the creative process behind “Lord of the Fallen.”
  6. Collector’s Box: All these exclusive items come securely housed in a premium Collector’s Box adorned with custom artwork, ensuring that this special edition remains an awe-inspiring display piece.

For avid fans of fantasy RPGs and collectors of gaming memorabilia, the “Lord of the Fallen” Collector’s Edition is a priceless treasure trove of exclusive items that will undoubtedly enhance the gaming experience and provide cherished memorabilia for years to come. Priced at $250, this limited-edition offering combines high-quality collectibles with the gripping world of “Lord of the Fallen,” creating an exceptional package that is a testament to the passion and dedication of its developers.

As the release date draws near, enthusiasts are encouraged to secure their “Lord of the Fallen” Collector’s Edition promptly, as quantities are limited, and the allure of this extravagant offering is sure to be irresistible to fans seeking to embark on a truly unforgettable gaming journey.

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